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Welcome to Frassenei Farms! We are a small farm in the town of Pocatello in Southeast Idaho. We raise mini-silky fainting goats. My teenage daughter and I were looking for a fun farm animal that we could easily handle and would enjoy breeding and showing together. After much research, we settled on mini-silky fainting goats. We brought home our first pregnant doe, Caramello, and our tiny bottle baby, Clarice, in 2013. Caramello graced us with two beautiful doelings shortly after and we fell in love with our four precious girls. Since then, our herd has grown at a modest pace. When I tell people we have goats, most laugh and recall stories they've heard of goats and their tendencies for escape and mass destruction. I assure them these goats are different! They are much more docile than other goat breeds and their myotonia, or "fainting", prevents them from jumping more than a few inches.

These little goats make great pets because of their small size and pleasant dispositions. We show our goats at MSFGA, MGR and FGG events and find the myotonic goat community is one of friendship, good humor and mutual support. Please take a look around our website and visit us at "Frassenei Farms" on FaceBook.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments
or are interested in purchasing a goat for pet or show.


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